Why Has The Bike Been Invented For Hundreds Of Years And The Cushion Has Never Made The Rider Feel Comfortable?

- Aug 11, 2017 -

This is from the classification of bicycles, sitting uncomfortable, not just the reason for the cushion, but also related to the group. The 1 most comfortable is the station wagon, the soft capacious cushion, the big swallow to be able to guarantee the center of gravity on the cushion and the part on foot. But this design is not conducive to exerting force. 

2 times is the mountain bike, the cushion is slightly narrow, generally uses the straight, or is the small swallow. Suitable for exerting force, the center of gravity is easy to adjust. But sometimes the heart will be pressed on the hands, especially when the downhill posture is wrong. 

3 The most bad is the road car, the cushion is very narrow, and generally is curved, riding up to the waist almost and sit parallel, such posture suitable for exerting force, but very uncomfortable. From the mechanical point of view, the most suitable for exerting force, the smallest wind resistance. The narrow cushion is to avoid excessive friction with the cushion during high speed tread.

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