The Basic Composition Of The Bicycle Cushion

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Bicycle cushions consist of 4 parts:

1, surface materials: and hips contact surface, permeability and smoothness of the impact of the function.

Cloth: The price is cheap, breathable is good. But the friction is big, will let the buttocks produce the high temperature as well as breaks the skin, and is easy to damage. Few have been adopted in recent years.

Leather: Low price, smooth surface, easy to maintain. But the air permeability is not good, some brands will use the relevant design, to improve the ventilation problem.

Carbon fiber: High price, easy maintenance, lightweight, poor comfort.

Dermis: High prices, comfort and permeability are good, more can be based on the buttocks qualitative, its main drawback is afraid of rain pouring, need day-to-day maintenance.

2. Filling and damping material: enlarge the contact surface of the hips and seat cushion, and carry some vibration, bring comfort.

Silicone: Good comfort, generally used for quick stampede.

Air cushion: Currently used less, may not be very mature technology.

Spring: Generally found in old-fashioned cushions.

3, bottom: Supporting the filling material and weight, also play a role in mitigating vibration.

Iron PLATE: Rare.

Plastic: light weight, flexible, low price.

Carbon fiber: Lightweight, high strength.

4, Seat bow: Bearing seat cushion, at the same time, the role of vibration mitigation.

General use of ordinary steel, CR-Mo Steel, titanium alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber. The Selle Italia seat cushion also adopts hollow tube technology to achieve lightweight and better soothing vibrations. The arch material uses I-beam.

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