How To Prevent Leg Abrasions And Rashes Caused By Riding Pants

- Aug 11, 2017 -

1. Wear your own high quality riding shorts

The most important factor in avoiding abrasions is the shorts, which continue to contact the skin directly, so the shorts become the place where the problem begins. If you're wearing a "real" riding shorts with lined and suede pads, you shouldn't wear underwear anymore. If you don't wear the "real" riding shorts, you may have a problem after a long ride. Buy the best riding pants you can afford, their liner will be better, the materials will be better, and the seams will be designed and stitched in a way that minimizes skin friction. You can ride more comfortably for a longer time. Make sure that the shorts are appropriate-the extra material will only bring more moisture and friction.

2. Make sure the seat fits you.

I am sometimes amazed at the large, soft cushions that are said to provide a more comfortable ride, they are wider and softer, some have silicone pads and may be suitable for some cyclists. However, my conclusion is that narrower, stiffer cushions usually work better. This seems to be contrary to intuition, but many riders find the wider cushion easier to rub inside the thighs and hinder natural pedal movements. More importantly, because humidity and pressure points are the main cause of the problem, replacing a wide, soft cushion with a narrower, stiffer cushion can provide a more flat area to support your body, reduce the pressure point, and have less chance of rubbing your thighs.

3. Regular change of shorts

If you ride for a few days in a row, pay attention to the shorts to avoid the pain of inflammation. After riding, take off your shorts and wash them quickly. This can help you get rid of germs that cause skin aches, bruises, and rashes. After you have finished your bath, you'd better wash your shorts. Cleaning the suede pads and crotch with detergent or decontamination agents is also a good choice for cleaning High-tech fabrics with a special cleaning agent that regulates ph balance. In addition, the use of different brands of shorts during the days of continuous cycling can change the body parts of the seam, and the suede pads will vary from one to the other, thus changing the position of the point of contact between the hips and the cushion.

4. Female-specific methods: Boys can not do OH

For women, the way to help prevent skin friction and pain is to use a spatula to prevent pain and inflammation in sensitive areas when shaving. Be sure to shave in the direction of hair growth to avoid scratching or growing hair. Next, to reduce abrasions and discomfort in sensitive areas caused by moisture, take some lactobacillus acidophilus dietary supplements, or regularly drink yogurt to help eliminate cervical infections. If a recent Fang or menstrual period, sanitary napkins will also help reduce moisture. After riding, try to wear a tennis skirt with soft underwear so that you don't have to wear panties to ease the discomfort caused by the seams.

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