Gel Pad Or Foam Pad - How To Know The Materials For Cycling Chamois Pads?

- Oct 12, 2017 -

Gel pad or Foam Pad - How to know the materials for cycling chamois pads?

Foam pad, generally have the COOLMAX functional fabric on the pad surface, and compress foam intermediate, the bottom COOLMAX functional fabric is composited of three layers. the foam pad is the oldest type, and now the process has been very skilled to the market, more popular in the late spring, summer, early autumn season. Mainly good at breathable perspiration performance. The disadvantage is quite thin that most new cyclists do not like.

BWSC perforated foam pad, those small punched holes provides cyclists more comfortable and breathable in training or race. it's quite suitable for midium or long distance riding.

perforated cycling pad.jpg

Gel pad: Today's market circulation and market feedback the best chamois pad. Generally complex of 5 layers: the surface of the brushed fabric, the inner layer of sponge buffer layer, silicone anti- shock layer, foam buffer layer, and the bottom fabric. Is a new chamois which is characterized by excellent shock absorption effect, because the bottom of the table compound pull the fabric of the skin to fit to the top will feel very soft and comfortable. novices like to use it, but old cyclists don't, the drawback is that, because the silicone cushion from the five layers of composite, and particularly soft so he can not be empty. So the lack of a cushion on the ventilation holes in the long-distance fast riding in the general riding more than 100 km, sweating relatively large, then it will feel sticky, uncomfortable. In addition, because the silicone cushion is relatively thick, his damping performance is excellent, this way he will cause the force (unloading - that is, do not make the effort is like a tai chi to Rouke just more image of the example is walking in the sand feel special Class, which is due to the reasons for the unloading of the sand) so during the ride, will feel particularly tired, because your strength is part of the silicone cushion was removed. From the market flow point of view more used in the northern weather is relatively cold, sweating less area, used for early spring, late autumn, and winter.

Our new design gel pad, with perforated holes, maximum to offer function of anti-shock and reduce friction, meanwhile it also guarantees breathable and moisture-wicking for the racers, it's ideal for medium and mountain riding.

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