Classification Information Of Bicycle Cushion

- Aug 11, 2017 -

The current bicycle cushion can be divided into two types:

1, narrow-shaped thin-seat cushion, this narrow type of hard cushion is common in sports-type bicycles, is designed for high-speed cruise. The wide cushion is easy to rub inside the thigh and pain, and it also affects the tread, so the design is slender and narrow. Soft cushion can not stabilize the body impact trample efficiency, butt like a sofa, soft mat and butt contact area big, tread fast buttocks have been moving but because too much friction and pain, hard cushion more suitable for fast stampede action.

2, a large and soft comfortable seat cushion, such a cushion is more common in the introduction of the car or leisure-oriented cycling, is designed for slow cruising. Generous design can seat cushion and buttocks between a larger and average support area, soft cushion can provide a better comfort, because of the leisure-oriented stampede, do not need to consider the wide and soft cushion is not suitable for high-speed stampede factors.

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