Bora-Hansgaya And Peter Sagan Will Renewed The Contract To 2021

- Sep 30, 2018 -


Three-time world champion Peter Sagan and Bora Hansgrohe renewed their contract until the end of 2021.
After the end of 2016, the Jingkov team was disbanded, and Sagan joined the then World Tour new army, Bora Hansgrohe, and signed a three-year contract. Now, one year before the end of the contract, he chose to renew his contract in advance: "This is a natural decision. I have spent two very successful seasons here. Everyone gave me the greatest support and trust, even at my most. When it's difficult, I don't want to leave here. I am confident that I will continue to be successful in the days that follow."
"Peter is not only a successful athlete, but also a charismatic spokesperson. He has attracted more attention for cycling." Team manager Dunke praised his love. “Thanks to Bora Hansgrohe for their two sponsors. They have renewed their contract earlier and continue to support us.”


In addition to Peter Sagan, the team also announced the appointment of Peter's teammates Juraj, Baska, Bodnar, Bulgart and Oss, as well as the end of 2021. The five are the most reliable deputy of Sagan and the important role of the Sagan team.

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