Bike Riding Clothing Fabrics Have What, How To Choose To Ride Clothing Fabrics!

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Different from other outdoor clothing, whether it is the cutting plate, splicing style and breathability and flexibility are different from any sportswear design.

Polyester fabric with its unparalleled permeability and well-known, material with perspiration, fast drying, insulation effect. Suitable for four seasons, belongs to the intimate clothing. Most of this material is made of polyester fiber materials, and the use of double-sided different methods. The medial material can quickly and effectively remove the body's sweat, allowing the liquid to expand through the inner layer of material. Then, the outer material is ventilated to accelerate the drying of clothing in order to improve the comfort of wearing.

Lycra fabric has a good thermal insulation effect, and provide first-class ventilation function, in the heat preservation can also keep the body dry. Multi-plate stitching design with 3D stereo clipping, the Vigmy riding suit also has certain accessibility and will not be entangled in any stretch resistance during the ride.

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