Attention Information Of Cycling Pad

- Aug 11, 2017 -

1. Cushion position must be horizontal or tilt forward several degrees. Even a good cushion will oppress the pudendal artery at the angle of the front of the head.

2. Make sure the knees should not be fully stretched, which will increase the weight on the cushion.

3. A hard cushion is better. It will support the sitting bones and will not oppress the pudendal blood vessels.

4. Flat, middle grooved cushion performance is better. In the middle of the circular curved cushion comparison will oppress the perineum department.

5. Stand up and ride around every 10 minutes. It seems that when you climb the hill, you will automatically stand up and ride on the ground, forcing yourself to stand up every now and then, for example, when you see someone standing up and riding, or standing up every time you drink saliva or see a signpost.

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