2 Reasons WHY We Should Wear Cycling Gears (cycling Clothing) To Ride Bike

- Sep 04, 2017 -

2 Reasons WHY We should wear cycling gears (cycling clothing) to ride bike

For many cyclists, they think, cycling gears are necessary outfits during riding.

Just like swimsuits, because swim trunks can reduce the resistance of water in swimming, not only attract attention on the beach, it is a very  professional suits, but when you swim when you feel like wearing swim trunks is a very exaggerated thing, The Those who do not wear swim trunks to swim and then underwear touch the water on the transparent feel embarrassed it Because we all know that the main function of swimming trunks is to avoid the water becomes transparent this embarrassing thing.

Similarly, Cycling wears in riding can help riders to reduce wind resistance, The main function of cycling tights is to bind the muscles and help perspiration. Cycling clothes are mostly made of special fabric, the sweat can be transported through the clothing fiber to the clothes surface, fast-drying in riding which is to achieve the purpose of high efficient perspiration and dry riding.  As this way of wicking shouldn't be replaced by other quick-dry clothes, that is why it's quick expensive of these cycling wears.

Maybe you won't feel alny awkward after you ride ten or twenty kilometers by ordinary clothes, but when you ride to more than hundred kilometers, every one more wind resistance, hundreds grams of weight you'll  bear, it is quite different. In addition, the rear side of the cycling wears have three deep pocke to put the phone or other common things, and the pocket is designed behind, open up,  taking into account the riding action, you will find this Pocket to put are more comfortable than usual clothes, and also greatly facilitate the riding trip.

Second, the appearance of cycling wears is not exaggerated, the cycling wear is also good for the safety riding, the cyclist in cycling gears are easily be eye-catching on the road, the driver can see the cyclist all the way, the reflective tapes in the cycling wears will warn the drivers and very easily to see the riders.

Well, that's see our fabrics and cycling pads, power bands (elastic) and reflective tapes which applied in cycling wears.

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