Winter riding guidance: How to help you warm when riding during winter?

- Dec 11, 2018 -

Riding in the cold winter is not necessarily a difficult thing, in fact it can be very interesting. However, many cyclists prefer indoor training in winter because they are afraid of cold. Because the conditions of indoor training are getting better and better, cross training can be achieved with the riding platform. In fact, people are not afraid of the cold weather itself, but are afraid of feeling cold in outdoor activities. Fortunately, this problem can be solved with the appropriate winter cycling equipment.

Suitable warmth tights, gloves, shoe covers, windbreakers and other equipment can not only make you ride in the winter warm and comfortable, but also let you experience the sport in a new way and experience.

Here are 10 pieces of equipment we need to keep you warm for winter cycling.

1, warm fleece riding hat

Wear it in your helmet for warmth and protect your head.

2, long sleeve plus velvet riding suit

The fleece padded cycling suit is a must for winter cycling. It only needs to wear a sweating primer to deal with the weather in late autumn or seasonal season. When the weather is colder, only need to add windproof with proper thickness. A warm jacket is fine.

3, winter riding trousers

A pair of fleece-fast cycling trousers is just as important as a cycling top, which is the basis for winter cycling gear.

4, magic headscarf

Magic headscarf is a practical piece that is perfect for both winter and summer. You can change the way you use it to achieve different needs. When the weather is cold, you can wear it around your neck to prevent cold wind from pouring into your neck. You can also cover your face to protect your face from cold air.

5, riding shoe covers

The windproof riding shoe cover is a winter riding warm weapon. Cycling shoe covers are available in different thicknesses and can be selected according to the temperature. Like this thick cycling shoe cover, it is ideal for use at temperatures below 0°C.

6, riding gloves

Thickened cycling gloves are undoubtedly necessary for winter riding. It is best to prepare a pair of lined and windproof cycling gloves to handle the coldest winters.

7, long-sleeved base coat

When the weather is cold, you need a thicker long-sleeved base coat to wear in a fleece Jersey to quickly wick away sweat. This keeps your skin dry and warm even if you sweat during exercise.

8, windproof jacket

After the fleece jersey is kept warm, you need a windproof jacket to fight the cold and cold. It is best to prepare windproof jackets of 2 thicknesses to cope with different temperature environments.

9, light raincoat

Rain may be the most difficult weather condition for riding, and a light raincoat is in your jacket pocket just in case.

10, insulation kettle

Put on an insulated kettle, you should not want to drink cold water in zero weather, or see the water in your kettle ice.

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