Why cycling jersey is not made of cotton fabric, but polyester fabric?​

- Jun 05, 2018 -

Why cycling jersey is not made of cotton fabric, but polyester fabric?

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Cycling is a kind of functional sport. As a functional sportswear, cycling jerseys require that the fabric must be wicking and breathable, and the fiber structure of polyester can provide this function very well.

The cotton fabric is usually very comfortable to wear. When it is exercised, because of its sweat-absorbent characteristics, it will cause the clothes to cling to the wearer's body and is very uncomfortable.

The polyester fabric used is a high-quality sports functional fabric. It also has the soft feel of cotton and the actual function of sweat permeation, allowing riders to maintain a comfortable and pleasant feeling during exercise.

In addition, the jersey printing uses the popular sublimation transfer printing in the international sports industry. The advantage of this printing technology is that it can be realized on polyester fabrics because the fibers of polyester fabric can absorb the color and keep it long-lasting. And feel the same after printing, the same soft and comfortable.

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