What are the jersey fabrics?

- Nov 30, 2018 -

Generally speaking, the fabrics of cycling suits are mainly to see if there is breathability, whether there is moisture wicking, whether it is sun-protective, etc. These are just an abstract saying, how can we identify when buying a cycling suit? How good is the cycling suit? Just have to look at some of the following details:

1, breathability: If you enjoy the fun of riding, this problem is the most, do not want to wind outside the clothes, water inside the clothes, then you must find a breathable cloth. The method of identification is to use your clothes to pout and breathe. You can feel the breathability. Professional point identification can also be used to fill the cup of water, and put the clothes on the cup to see how fast the water vapor is.

2, moisture wicking: clothes sweating speed is not fast, you can pour water to the clothes can also see if it is quickly absorbed by the cloth and leaked under the clothes, it is difficult to have functional fabrics Water-permeable, even poured water may form water drops, that is, no functional at all.

3, quick-drying: the clothes are soaked, you can wring it up and hang it up, the wind can be dried within 2 hours. Cotton also has a strong water absorption, but it is very difficult to dry, and it is very sticky, but the functional fabric can quickly dry up. If you don't want to feel the clothes sticky and sweaty, test this one.

4, anti-UV: no one wants to be sun-baked in the sun, especially female friends, and even use this as an excuse not to ride a bicycle. Of course, don't misunderstand, wrap your body to prevent UV rays. wrong! Unless it is a very thick cloth, a thin cloth is required to add UV protection.

5, comfortable and cool: some fabrics add bamboo fiber inside, the cool feeling on the body is like a bamboo mat, if the whole body is cool, not sticky, close-fitting breathable and perspiration, I believe that the mood will be much better when riding a bicycle You can enjoy the fun of nature in a better mood, but there are still a few who actually add bamboo fiber.

6, one-way drainage: After the ride, check whether the body parts of the pants pad are still dry, the part of the pants sitting on the outside is not very wet, this is the single guide water of the pants pad. Ordinary mats are made only with ordinary sponges. The fabric on the surface may be COOLMAX. The water that is sucked is only on the surface of the mat and cannot penetrate the outside of the pants. In fact, the functional trousers are made of multiple layers of water-conducting cotton with different densities. The water is only discharged to the outside and is not crowded inside.

7, three-dimensional pants and sterilization function: many trousers are only made with ordinary sponge, elastic and close-fitting are very poor, and easy to breed bacteria, after a few months, found that the trousers became thin, and even smell. I believe that everyone has a lot of feelings, the hips are the most sweaty part of the ride, so the functional pants are related to the health of the rider.

8. The design color of the cycling suit is required to be bright, so that it is easy for the driver's friends to pay attention on the road, thus improving safety.

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