What are the classification of cycling pads?

- Feb 27, 2018 -

1.Foam Pad

Generally speaking, foam cycling chamois pads is made of three functional fabric layer. Surface is coolmax functional sponge, middle is compression sponge, and the underlying is coolmax functional fabric layer. It has the longest history, and now technology has been very skillful. And it mostly prevails in late spring, summer, early autumn because of its excellent performance for quick dry and breathable.

cycling pads-cycling chamois pad-cycling chamois.jpg

2.Gel Pad

Usually, cycling gel pads’ composition is the surface brushed fabric, inner sponge buffer layer, gel shock absorption layer, sponge buffer layer, and the bottom brushed fabric. It is a new cushion, which is characterized by excellent shock absorption effect. It mostly used in early spring, late autumn, and winter.

gel pad for cycling pants-coolmax cycling pads-cycling gel pad insert.jpg

3.Triathlon Pad

It is a new type cushion. Coolmax triathlon chamois pads are combined with high-impact perforated open cell foam, and provides anti-shock effect. In addition, the super soft surface fabric has Hygroscopic and quick dry effect even if in long-distance riding, the punching holes make cyclist extra dry, can be used throughout the year, and all around the word.triathlon pads-triathlon pad-triathlon chamois padding.jpg

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