What are the tips of choosing cycling wear fabric

- Jan 19, 2018 -

1. Good breath-ability

There are two ways to identify whether the cycling clothing is in a good breath-ability. One is that you can breath on the fabric and then you can feel its breath-ability. The other one is that you can take a cup of water, and the clothes over the water, observe the speed of water vapor out.

White polyester Spandex grid breathable Mesh fabric For Sportswear Cycling jacquard-3.jpg

2.    Anti-UV

Many people think that the body can be wrapped in UV. NO! Unless it is a thick cloth. The cycling jersey needs to be added anti-UV ingredients.

Polyester Mesh Fabric with sun protection technology for cycling jersey online-3.jpg

3. Bright color

If you are in bright cycling wear, which makes it easy for drivers and friends to be easily seen on the road and is much more safer.

Black Stretch polyamide Nylon punching hole Mesh Fabric for cyclingwear-3.jpg

4. Arthroscopic and sweat releasing

The way to judge the speed of cycling fabric’s moisture absorption is that you can pour some water into it and examine if the water is quickly absorbed by the cycling fabric and leak under the cycling clothes.

Quick dry Honeycomb mesh Polyester fabric in white color for cycling jersey-1.jpg

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