The basic content of elastic

- Aug 11, 2017 -

It is what we often say as the root, and the width varies according to the need.

Generally divided into two kinds of spindle weaving and weaving.

Woven (woven) is the warp and weft weaving. and twist the yarn through the whole to make the bobbin (pan), the weft into the son, weaving on the loom. Because the belt width is small, weaving way is different, have a single, double, dozens of of unequal, have single-layer, also have double-decked.

Knitting (spindle weaving) is the yarn meridian Tube, weft forming the parallel tube, inserted in the Knitting machine fixed gear seat, the weft tube along the 8-zigzag track rotation movement, in order to pull the yarn cross weaving. Usually the number of spindles is even, woven into a tube-like, the number of spindles is odd, woven into a flat strip.

The main raw materials are cotton yarn, viscose rayon and rubber wire three kinds.

Can be used for underwear, clothing, gloves and so on.

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