Sewing technique of zipper

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Before the zipper is installed, it is best to put some bonding lining on the part of the zipper, especially when sewing the lightweight or unstable fabric, using a thin adhesive liner with a width of about 1 inches and a length and a zipper mouth, which will greatly help to sew the zipper effect and appearance.

1, "overlapping" sewing zipper method:

The sewing piece car 5/8 inches, and seam bit together with the false line good zipper mouth, then hot open seam position, will close the zipper is facing good seam position to place the opposite side of the piece of clothing, so that the edge of the cloth on the right of the zipper and the edge of the sewing seam. Use a 1/4-inch seam to fix a zipper cloth and a piece of sewing, and be careful not to take a car or a piece of clothing, then flip the zipper to the front, along the false seam or as close as possible to the false stitching on the other side of the zipper, then turn on the fabric to make the piece face up, from the bottom of the zipper to the front car 3/8-inch wide open-wire to the top, and then remove the false sutures.

2, "hidden form" sewing zipper Method:

Implicit form is an easy and quick way to put a zipper, because there is no need for a fake line and a front car line, using an invisible zipper presser foot, it can move the wire car to as close as possible to the zipper tooth, thus achieving the invisible effect from the front looking like a zipper "disappearing" in a piece of clothing.

3, "seam type" sewing zipper method:

Car good clothes seam position, hot open seam position, first the zipper cloth side false seam in the seam bit, then in the front of the garment open-wire, the car to the appropriate position. To be flat, can not make the edge of the arch, with unilateral presser feet are from the bottom of the car to the top, million-Feng zipper manufacturers recommend the use of zipper presser feet, can make the car line closer to the zipper teeth, the line distance is 3/8 inches, the car open-wire before can use the painting powder in the front of the garment to draw 3/8 inches of seam position, the car good open-wire after the demolition of the zipper mouth of the false stitching, so you can open the zipper.

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