Secret -Tour de France cyclist nutrition recipes

- Jun 20, 2018 -

Secret -Tour de France cyclist nutrition recipes


The Tour de France is not only a test for drivers' skills, but also a test  for the overall quality of the drivers. A strong body is a must for a  senior cycling racer, because cycling is very consuming. Then what are the eating conditions of riders on the race day?
    The  total caloric intake is about 9,000 calories, which is 6 times the  normal minimum standard, because riding 100 kilometers per day is very  exhausting. Most  of the riders are multi-day meals. The Champion Armstrong is eating 6  times a day and eating 2 times before departure. During the race, it is  supplemented with 1 energy. After the ride is completed, it is eaten 3  times.

For example, a specific recipe is as follows:

1, Breakfast: 1600 cards 20% protein; 25% fat; 55% carbohydrates

If  it is a hill-climbing station or a personal time trial, the amount of  breakfast should be sufficient, and cereals, milk, fruits, whole wheat  bread and bacon are generally prepared. Armstrong usually drinks coffee and eats a banana, then there is also a croissant, about 4.5 two fruits, and about 3 two pasta.

2, snacks between meals: 300 cards 15% protein; 10% fat; 75% carbohydrates

From the time of breakfast to the time before the game can be added at any time, Apple and PowerBar are quite good.

3. In competition: 2500 cards 23% protein; 2% fat; 75% carbohydrate

In  addition to being easy to chew and absorb in the competition, sports  drinks can provide quick absorption, and Coke can refresh themselves. In  order to increase satiety, bananas, bread, and sandwiches are long-term  races that can keep players away from hungry food. Armstrong usually eats 4 energy bars, 4 energy gels, 4.55 liters of energy drink, 2 sandwiches and 2 cakes.

4, after the game: 2100 cards 35% protein; 5% fat; 65% carbohydrates

Post-match  supplementation works best within 15 minutes. This is the prime time  for supplementation. In addition to providing readily absorbable  carbohydrates, it also needs to be supplemented with proteins that can  be quickly absorbed, such as protein powder.

5, Dinner: 1900 cards 5% protein; 20% fat; 75% carbohydrates

The  1900-card dinner can be said to be quite a sumptuous meal, similar to  the full-fledged weight, but for the players, dinner is even more  nutritious. Apart from many fruits and yogurt, it is usually pasta +  lettuce + steak/seafood. Cook with olive oil.

6, Supplement: 300 cards 60% protein; 10% fat; 30% carbohydrate

Vitamins and spirulina are supplements for most Tour de France players.

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