Metal Zipper Maintenance Tips

- Aug 11, 2017 -

Scientific use of metal zipper:

1, in pulling the metal zipper, must first both sides of the teeth near, the top must be aligned, and then pinch the metal zipper head along the track gently pull, can not force too fierce pull.

2, in the mobile metal zipper head should pay attention not to the skirt or cloth edge and other debris into the metal zipper, so as not to cause "tooth skew", "Broken Belly", "off the teeth" and other phenomena.

3, if the metal zipper hair, not easy to pull, do not pull hard, can be a metal zipper coated with some wax or soap, you can pull.

4, if the metal zipper head teeth divergence, wear loose, can be used in the popular mountain-June pliers in the metal zipper head of the closure of the horizontal lightly clamped, metal zipper is immediately good, the unilateral teeth close, no longer loose crack.

Second, prevent metal zipper damp, oxidation, rust and discoloration.

1, avoid contact with the humid environment: because metal zipper will cause partial tooth black phenomenon due to metal oxidation.

2, avoid contact with the rubber band: Because the rubber band itself contains sulfide, to rubber bands bundle metal zipper, metal chain teeth will produce vulcanization phenomenon (black).

3, wash after washing dry: because the fabric of dye or residual chemicals and metal parts of the redox reaction, may cause metal parts discoloration.

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