Late summer and early autumn: how to deal with rainy days during riding?

- Aug 14, 2018 -

You need a solution for a rainy day. The newly-introduced riders don’t have much coping experience in the rainy days.

In addition to going home, you can take a look at the following 4 tips for rain riding.

1, steering

Don't change direction too fast - the grip on a rainy day without a sunny day. Take a more cautious turn-over route so that the bike doesn't tilt too much; and before you go out of the corner or after entering the corner, don't step on it or leave the cushion to bend.

When you ride on a rainy day, your error tolerance is much smaller, the road markings and the manhole cover are very slippery, so slowly start building confidence and feeling the speed limit.

2, choose equipment

Try to relax. Once you get nervous, the error will start to happen. If you have a large drop in rainy days or a long downhill slope, don't use carbon fiber wheels – they work well in dry weather based on my experience with carbon fiber wheels in the race, but use them on rainy days. Slow down is a very difficult thing.

Put on a raincoat and keep warm. Even the best drivers, when they get too cold, face downhills and corners, and there will be route misjudgments.

3, brakes

Start decelerating earlier than normal; your braking distance will be longer on rainy days. Complete the necessary brakes before turning – if you brake while turning, the lack of grip can cause the bike to slip, then······

There is water on the rim and brake block. When you hold the brakes, don't expect to have a brake response immediately. You must first quickly pinch the brakes to remove rain from the brake surface.

4, collective riding

In short, don't ride too close to the front wheel. This will help give you enough reaction time and activity space. If something happens ahead, you need enough time and space to circumvent it. In a wet environment, the riders usually maintain a misplaced state of the car with the front car, so as to avoid the water from the front wheel of the front car.

Finally, try to ride in front of the team. The later you are, the harder it is to narrow the gap.

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