Jersey Fabric Classification

- Nov 30, 2018 -

1. Vaporrize material, similar to HH's famous Lifa material. This material is known for its unmatched breathability, which has the effect of perspiration, quick drying and heat preservation. Suitable for all seasons, it is suitable for close-fitting clothing. Most of these materials are made of polyester fiber and are produced in different ways on both sides. The inner material can quickly and effectively remove the sweat from the body, allowing the liquid to quickly spread through the inner layer of material. Then, the outer layer material accelerates the drying of the clothes by means of air permeable, thereby improving the wearing comfort.

2. Solar UPF, commonly known as UV resistant materials. Any product with a logo on the left will indicate that the garment has high performance UPF resistance, and the 50UPF label indicates that the material is effective against 50% UPF.

3. Therminal and Therminal EX are a fleece insulation lycra material. It has good thermal insulation effect and provides first-class ventilation function to keep the body dry while keeping warm. The multi-slab splicing design with 3D trimming makes this thermal jersey also have a certain stretchability, and does not entangle any stretching resistance during riding. In particular, Therminal EX is based on the former, thickening the fleece layer to combat the cold weather. In general, Therminal can cope with the spring and autumn climate in the Middle Ages.

4. Element is a soft texture fleece material that is commonly used in winter mountain bike riding equipment. Of course, some road bike equipment is also used, using 100% wool lining. Therefore, it has a very good thermal insulation effect, and at the same time, it can greatly improve the sports comfort with the use of high-breathing and quick-drying underwear. In general, however, the fleece material is less breathable than the previous material, but provides better insulation.

5. Deflect is primarily a windproof technical material. A large number of garments used to combat cold winds, because of the high density of materials, can effectively resist strong winds, which is very useful for season change, or mountain climbing. Deflect's design is clever, the jacket is very tight, but it also has a high breathability.

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