How to wash our professional cycling jerseys and shorts?

- Jun 07, 2018 -

How to wash our professional cycling jerseys and shorts?    


How can a professional Wigmi cycling suit be washed for long-term life?

This  is also a concern for many rice flours. It is generally recommended  that the use of hand-washing methods which will not make them lose their elasticity.

Remember to put them in the laundry bag when using the  washing machine.

 Use of neutral laundry liquid not only protects the  material of the clothing, but also avoids it. Perspiration tiny pores are blocked by incompletely granulated detergent powder and the perspiration effect is greatly reduced!

It  is recommended to use the shade drying method to avoid drying of the  machine. Use “low-temperature drying” in case of an emergency to  minimize the damage to the clothing.

The related  information can also be used to find the original laundry labels on the  clothing so as to avoid the occurrence of clothing damage.

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