How to make a safe crossing in the mountains while cycling?

- Nov 26, 2018 -

(Note: The method of crossing the river referred to in this article is not riding, just walking on foot.)

You and your friends enjoy the fun of the forest road, and suddenly a "Scorpio" stops in front of you and blocks the way. There are two options at this time: change the route, or squat in the past. If you choose the latter, then how to cross the river safely is a must-have skill, which is a must-have skill for a seasoned mountain player. Here are ten main steps.

First, safety first. Fully assess the depth and flow rate of the water flow and whether it is suitable for safe passage.

Second, choose the route to cross the river, do not hesitate.

Third, check the location of the water and effluent again.

Fourth, observe whether there are threats downstream, and eliminate unsafe and uncertain factors.

Fifth, Never lift the car in order to get it into the water. This will make your people's center of gravity higher and it is easy to slip in the middle of the river.

Sixth, when entering the water, first try to put the car on which side of the body is relatively stable, adjust the orientation of the front of the car, and then continue.

Seventh, the body turns slightly in the upstream direction (the opposite direction of the water flow).

Eight, using the brakes, cushions, etc., the car as a "cane."

Ninth, don't be afraid that the shoes will be wet and take off your shoes. There are many invisible sharp objects on the riverbed that will cut your feet.

Tenth, don't worry, every step is steady, and then take the next step.

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